AIS 140 GPS Tracker

AIS140 GPS Tracker device is basically a device which is used for various purposes. First and foremost, function is tracking, that consists of locating the exact area of the vehicle, speed of the vehicle during the travel period and the overall distance covered by the vehicle. It is also showing the vehicle status like whether it is Idle, running, stop. The main details present in the dashboard like ignition, battery power can be monitored via mobile application or through the provided website. The client will get the details via Specified no/. and email IDs.

  • AIS 140 Compliant Hardware and Communication Protocols.
  • Multiple Server Connection up to 6 servers.
  • AIS Standard Compliant Data Packet Configuration.
  • Multiple Emergency Button Integration.
  • OTA configuration using Server and SMS.
  • Alerts: Emergency Button, Hard Braking, Rash/Sharp Turn, Hard Acceleration, overspeed Tampering, Vehicle Immobilization.       
  • Future Regulation and Customer requirement Configurable.
  • OBDII Automatic Communication Protocol Interfaces: J139, OBDII, CAN Protocol Stack.
  • AIS Compliant Connectors.
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